Inside the Poet

You want to be an entrepreneur but...

Just sitting allowing the ideas  and  feelings to flow through! You want to be an entrepreneur But..  you were forced to be jump...

Tuesday, 16 August 2022


It can be like all the dinners you never had getting started at something especially with art, and in design...and the amount of time it can take. 

You can get starred but suppose something just does not take, or feel right but you just cannot see why? 

Life can make you self conscious enough without being an artist on top of that! 

Suppose it takes you forever to resonate with your own works because your life has you snagged into dealing with abusers like stalkers, Internet trolls, burglars, or bad marriage break ups, unscrupulous business partners, and on top of that world crisises, and if you are flat out broke how are you ever going to find the strength or space in your mind to emotionally connect, attract and drive success to all you do. 

All you have been through can be as inspiring  as it is uninspiring to others. 

In the midst of making something appealing, your works or you may come across as unappealing to others.

A Combination of all these things has become part of my negotiation through different mediums, and materials.
Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being!
HOUSE of Flowism LtD

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Mad Blog For The Home

It seems it is just not enough to just to pick out elements of the latest design trends and just stuff them it into your home!

In todays design and style market for the home etc you seem to need to have the full picture and in some cases the entire story!

(Mind you it is not just todays market what am i talking about? it has always been the case it is just that nowadays what is being done is actually being named and marketed as such!)

It would appear if you are market orientated or savvy you are not just creating or show-casing your home or space. 

It seems you'll be better placed to understand how to transform a place or space into a hub of destinations
Once you have done that it would appear you  will then be best placed to understand how and where to create a variety of moments for specific events or activities?

All the while
Keeping in mind
Your are supposed to be seeing how you can create or encourage an environment which will either calm or inspire the next chapter of your own life or a persons life!

You can either create a series of events which maybe refererred to as a space for the empty head of the maximinalist? 

Or a space and destination hub  which will create the accurate moment for the full or overcrowded head of the minimalist?

Of course you can also remain completely individual by just not doing anything or ignoring what is current or bold?

Or you can remain  "anti" the destination and trend makers market? 

Or remain completely  "indifferent" to all of this?

But in retrospect what will your end price be if selling?

An appreciating investment for the eventually largest profitable gain?

Or a depreciation due to indifference?

Profit from the accurately appraised preservation project?

Or a complete loss and washout due to the lack of vision, and concept of all of the above potentials or actuals?

It may just be the case that in these times...well not just in these times... because it has always been the case that the lack of ability to harness the capability needed to grow personnally...which could so easily be caused by any kind of injured or inactive brain function may well be costing you the correct level of vision and capacity needed for the attention to detail to be paid in the correct or best areas of design which help create the dream home, work or office space your life or budget, or the next move in your life may require!

Written by Lavinia De Ayr
Who is currently Covered in Mess
In A Freedom of Vision
Knackered by  what feels like a lack of Time 
But grateful for waking inspiration and the combination of words which in themselves create correct moments which open visions which harnesses the best so everlasting dream moments can come true without any nightmares being in situ!

Natural Flowism 
A Freedom of Being!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

























Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Becoming...passing the inbetween

There is a space between 
Boiled water 
Curtains cleaned
Something has bothered you
You need to scrape clean
Criteria upon 
A need to be free
A learned experience
Is the option open
But the contents may inhibit
An order
A break is needed
For a pathway not yet located
Mind blowing principles
No more demons
Several elements
A freak in the presence
Stay here with me
Be not elusive
A peace of initiative
Not easily uploaded
When you are unique the way you are
Everyday feels like a start over
Much is accomplished
But you are only as good
As the last movement
Careful planning 
Do not know if you can
The documentation of let go
Time and reliance
An all day event
Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being!

Saturday, 27 February 2016

No Rush Or Hurry

The Quandary
Why is it?
When you appear 
To have found your calling
It is loud and clear
Not only you can hear
You are doing your gift
 You still feel a compelling drive
To thrive
At something else
That is the wanting entrepreneur!
Gift or Ability?
You can have more than one gift to balance
An ability can show up just as naturally!

Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being!

Are the people
Who express everything in life
Nothing is inexplicable for an artist
Artists are always communicating
I can get impatient sometimes 
During the research process
Because the artist within 
Is always bursting  
With communication
Speaking in every second 
When art is their world

To a doctor I am a patient
To a scientist I maybe an atom
To a psychotherapist  maybe a resource
To a neurologist a chemical imbalance 
To a rapper I maybe subject 
To another Artist  a study
 To a mechanic a nuisance
To a retailer a customer
To a preacher  a sinner
To a designer a figure
To a labourer a consumer
To a gardener a plant
Different relations
 Different interpretations
Different to whoever!
Why aren't we liked?
Why is it? 
When we say it
Nobody wants to hear it?
You need to make sure
It is the people. 
The person 
Not the disease 
Misaligned emotional age 
Or chemical imbalance in the brain!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

An Intermission Appearance

Upon a voyage of non existence
Flattened by the transparent
Covered into an experience
Only for an exponent
to appear!


Marvel @ Change

The releasing of a union
That phased an age
Creating the 
Time dazed
 Images appeared on the 
Twenty eighth of November
Two Thousand and Fifteen
in a journal entry
Healers of an Argument!

Natural Flowism

Where have you been?

Got on a plane and landed abroad
Did not quite know where I was and what will happen
I just knew I wanted to change
Change something deep within
I wanted to make a shift
I did not know where to begin
I wanted to see something
I did not know what I wanted to see
I wanted to begin
But did not know where to begin
I was trying to resist the writing process
At times the entrance of inspiration feels like it takes your breathing to a different rhythm
It can sound and feel like heavy breathing
An obstruction to your breathing that does not quite choke you

I wanted to stop being distracted

Natural Flowism
A Freedom of Being

Sunday, 25 October 2015

You want to be an entrepreneur but...

Just sitting allowing the ideas
 feelings to flow through!

You want to be an entrepreneur
 you were forced to be jumped into a gang
because that is the only way in that small town,
 you, and your family can be free?
Already before you get started
 the boss of everyone else
 is your worst enemy!
 you have fallen foul
 to every pathway
 in which you need to succeed.

Everyday you say to yourself 
Where I am at now is not for me
It is not forever!
Something else is intended for me!
You know it!
You feel it every moment.
You just do not know how or when.

As a poet...
I start a poem
I never usually know 
how it is going to end!
I just sit open to the moment that I am sitting in,
 with a willingness to use,
 any positive healing tool, 
that is present!